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This is an old-school personal website which has been online for over 14 years. Below you'll find links to my content.


Notebook is a collection of articles I've posted. I hesitate to call it a blog, because I don't post often, but I figure the articles could still be of interest to some.

GNU/Linux Guide

The GNU/Linux Guide is a wiki written for those who wish to escape proprietary operating systems and learn to utilize the totally-free and liberating GNU/Linux OS. I am continually updating it.

Organizations you might want to support

Let's Encrypt: If you run a website, you can get your free server certificate here soon. This makes the Internet safer and more private for all of us.

EFF and EPIC: If you care the least bit about your privacy, then you need to check out these two great organizations and send some funds their way. They stand up for your God-given rights in this digital information age against government and corporate overreach.

FSF: "Free" software is about being able to control your software, rather than letting its restrictive terms and hidden code control you. It's not just "open", it's "free" as in liberty.

Sierra Club: I used to be a member of the Sierra Club, until I found out that they support killing babies in the womb and want to limit the number of children that couples have to two via a "two-child policy". The environment and human population are very important issues, but "we must not do evil so that good may come." Instead, I support general, responsible environmentalism and being good stewards of the Earth and its natural resources.

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